Tuesday, June 24, 2014

5 Food Blogs for the Fancy

There are many different food blogs floating around.  It seems like any shmuck with a crappy camera phone(ahem) can plaster the internets with their take on macaroni and cheese or some really inappropriate personal information.

These are some blogs that I really enjoy and would like to share with you.

5 Best Food Blogs

5. The Vanilla Bean Blog

This is a simplistically tasteful baking blog that shows delicate technique as well as DIY projects such as homemade vanilla extract.  The pictures of food are beautiful and the author has peppered the blog with the weddings and new babies they have captured (with a camera, not like they're going around with a net).  The recipes are approachable and rustic and the babies are OK I guess.

4. Cheese Notes

Ever since finding out that I wouldn't be able to eat funky, fermented, crusty breads anymore, I have turned my sights on to cheese.  Oh my lord do I love cheese.  It's almost a problem, when you feel like you have to hide your cheese addiction, horking it down the next room over while your boyfriend sleeps.  If that's a cheese affair, this blog is cheese porn.  It deals with everything cheese related, from the process of making it, tasting it and then trying to snatch it back from the FDA's prying fingers.

3. Love and Lemons

Love and Lemons is a produce inspired, mostly vegetarian food blog with gorgeous, vibrant pictures.  I like this blog for it's veggie-centric leanings.  As much as I love giant steaks and sausages, I think there should be more emphasis on proper cooking of vegetables.  It's sad to see such beautiful product reduced to an oversteamed mess with that farty smell of sulphur.  This blog shows you proper cooking techniques while also putting vegetables in the starring role.  

2.  Hortus Natural Cooking

Hortus Natural is a food blog that is centered around nutrient rich, whole foods.  The pictures are all beautiful and are apparently taken right after someone threw the ingredients all over the counter, perfectly posed next to antique sheep brushes(I didn't get that close of a look).  This food blog is gorgeous with a touch of condescension. The voice is a little cold, but the recipes look tasty.  You will enjoy this if you like taking selfies with vintage cameras and believe that you left your heart in New York.

1. i am a food blog

i am a food blog just won Saveur magazines Best Food Blog of 2014 with good reason.  The recipes are approachable and delicious, the site is incredibly navigable with recipes broken down in to food preference and the author is knowledgeable and endearing.  I like this blog for its simple layout, mouth watering recipes and the apparent love the author has for food.

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