Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Swift Lounge / Cucumber, Basil and Lime Gimlet

The Swift Lounge is a divey style bar on Broadway and is conveniently located about ten blocks away from my apartment.  There are few things that will entice me to go around my neighborhood at dark, but Swift is definitely on that list.

The atmosphere is layed back and mellow, the drinks cheap and flavorful.  They're famous for their drinks served in mason jars, normal size for 6 bucks(5 during jolly hour!)and a huge 32 oz. jar of deliciousness for 8.
I got the Stoned Finch, which is a fantastic amalgamation of elderflower syrup, cucumber infused vodka, lime, basil and cucumber.  The flavor combinations here are fresh and tasty, creative without being over the top.

Right next to the vintage arcade machines, a d.j. spins old school hip hop.  The crowd isn't made up of any specific demographic, there's a girl in a bellyshirt sipping her mason jar next to an older guy trying to get some work done on his laptop and a man speaking spanish keeps eyeing my boyfriend in a "Gonna eat you up" sort of way.

I haven't tried much of the food, most of it seems to be pretty heavy in starch, good for soaking up the couple shots that go into those massive jars.  Swift Lounge is just a great all around hangout with friendly bartenders and interesting people watching opportunities.  Go for the cheap prices, stay for the atmosphere and the hyper-aggressive guy trying to sleep with your man friend.

Cucumber Basil Lime Gimlet


5 Basil Leaves
3 1/4 thick slices cucumber
lime wedges
2 oz. lime juice
1.5 oz. simple syrup(or just muddle straight sugar with your basil and lime juice)
2 oz. Gin(I like Bombay for the heavy juniper)


1.Muddle sugar(if using)with basil leaves and lime juice in an 8 oz. mason jar. Throw in your booze and cucumbers, top with ice and a lid and shake.

2. Taste it! Add more gin, syrup or lime if you desire then garnish with lime wedges and a cucumber wheel.

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