Thursday, July 17, 2014

McKenzie and Kyle's Wedding

I found myself back in Montana for a second weekend, this time flying so that I could attend my friend McKenzie's wedding.  She's a feisty Montana chick with a beautiful smile and a dry sense of humor and I think it's the first wedding I've attended where I started crying as soon as the wedding procession began.  She married her best friend, Kyle Perkins, a gentleman extraordinaire, who feeds her creative passion and is her partner in crime in all their outdoorsy adventures.

The wedding party was eclectic, as my friend is;As a man started picking a banjo softly, the ladies holding sunflowers and even McKenzie's dog, Busco walked down the aisle.  Kyle, her husband to be, walked alone with his hands clasped in front of him, smiling like a shy little boy on his first day of school.

And then this happened:

McKenzie and her horse Gracie pounded down the trail to reach the aisle.  People were whooping and clapping as she gracefully dismounted and was accompanied by her parents to Kyle.

There was no officiator, just them making promises to love and respect each other, to never allow things to grow stagnant and to always support each other's dreams.  One of the bridesmaids threw a chew toy, Busco raced to retrieve it and bring it back to McKenzie.  It contained the couples' rings and I think everyone had to fight back a few tears as they agreed on their promises and kissed.

McKenzie then got a boost up on Gracie and Kyle swung up gracefully after her, gesturing for us to follow as they made their way to the reception.
It was a great party, filled with people I love, good food, contradance and a fair amount of alcohol.
Also this dog sitting like he's people.

There was laughter, excess, braised meats, champagne, a bride throwing her bouquet while jumping on a trampoline and even a super moon to top it all off.

I'm so happy for McKenzie and Kyle and wish them good luck and great adventure in their lives together.  I have no recipe today, but an encouragement to go enjoy the company of the people you love.

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