Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Five Best Places To Eat In Portland On A Budget

The Five Best Places To Eat In Portland On A Budget

Or being a poor as shit college kid

5.  Killer Burger

This burger chain has been growing since I moved here, with it's newest location being in downtown Portland.  The burgers are huge, come with a pile of fries and you can add a soft drink for 1 buck or a microbrew for 3.95.  The burgers are usually around the 8-11 dollar range, but if you go in during crazy hour(Mon-Fri 2 pm-5 pm), you can get a burger as low as 5.95.  Also, did I mention that they have a burger with peanut butter sauce, pickles and bacon? Sounds weird, but it's one of the most tasty flavor combinations EVER.

4.  Pine State Biscuits

This is one of the places I'm saddest about not being able to eat at anymore.  Nearly every menu item has some form of wheat in it(biscuits, chicken, their outstanding maple sage gravy oh my god) with the exception of some pretty tasty hashes.  They're best known for their biscuit sandwiches, namely the Reggie.  It's a piece of fried chicken with cheddar cheese, bacon and gravy in between their fluffy, buttery biscuits.  Make it a deluxe to fried egg with a delicious dripping yolk.  Biscuit sandwiches run from 6-9 dollars, but if you come in during their happy hour(after 3 p.m.) prices are slashed substantially and you can get fat sandwiches for a discounted price.

3.  Oregon Culinary Institute

Oregon Culinary Institute gives it's students the opportunity to be completely hands on and part of their last term includes working in the on site restaurant.  The reason I listed this school is because you can get a 3 course lunch for 9 bucks or a 4 course dinner for 18.  The menu changes seasonally and is served by management students.  The ingredients are also as locally sourced as possible, including Carlton Farms pork and Oregon Troll Chinook salmon.  The wine list is great, you can get a gourmet meal for dirt cheap and you're helping the future culinarians of Portland get real life experience, what isn't there to like?

2.  Garden Monsters

Garden Monsters is a food cart on the corner of NE Alberta and 23rd that serves big meaty salads and wraps.  This place became one of my go-to's after finding out about the whole celiac thing because everything on the menu is gluten free with the exception of the croutons and the vegan chicken.  The salads are packed chock full of fresh, delicious ingredients from the 6-9 dollar range and they have enough ingredients to be considered an entire meal.  By the way, I "smash" every salad I get, which adds pepperoncinis and bacon for a buck fifty more.  It's an added plus that the owner of this cart is quite possibly the nicest person in Portland.

1.  Whole Bowl

The Whole Bowl is a food cart with locations in every segment of the city.  They specialize in one item in two different sizes; the whole bowl is a delicious, healthy combination of black and red beans, brown rice, avocado, cheese, salsa, cilantro, sour cream, black olives and Tali sauce(secret sauce that tastes lemony and garlicky).  It has been one of my favorite comfort foods since moving here and is a treat on a rainy day.  Only 6 dollars for a large bowl and 5.50 for a bambino, you can add on tortilla chips and a drink and still get a hearty and tasty meal for under ten bucks.  If you're vegan, just leave of the sour cream and cheese, the awesome folks will happily accommodate. 

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